LTFR is proud and pleased to announce that LTFR's production of Les Miserables is the 2015 Winner of the Moss Hart Award from the New England Theater Conference in the Community Theater Division.




Congratulations to Directors Debbie Sadler, Roberto S. C. Soares & Alex Tirrell (music) & the ENTIRE Production Crew from Bev Robison & Kerie Gendreau, to George Sadler as set construction manager, to costumes and props and dressers, to Jen our choreographer, to travelers & flies and lights and people in jobs too numerous to list here.  Congratulations to Aaron Gendreau-Visco,  M. J. Barnes, Jessalyn Sadler Correa, Tyler-Lynn Tavares, Amy Gingras, Robin Weldon & Peter-Henry DaSilva.  Congratulations to Peter Cook and Vanessa Raposa, to all the cast in Thenardier's Gang, the Bishop, the students, the chain gang, the pimps, the whores, the bar patrons, the kids, the factory workers and again people in ensemble roles too numerous to list here.

What a marvelous collaboration of many, many talented people!!  Kudos!!


Pat Taylor / LTFR President