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Scholarship Program:

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Honors - up to $10

High Honors - up to $50

Highest Honors - $51+




Scholarship Information

In 1998, Little Theatre established a Scholarship Fund for the purpose of supporting talented youngsters who were pursuing their dream of a career in the performing arts. This year, we will award a $1,500 scholarship to a graduating high school student who will be entering an accredited college or university and majoring in the perform arts (theater, dance, or music). Additionally, we will also award an $1,100 Jimmy Tavares Memorial Scholarship, the LTFR/REX $500 Performing Arts Scholarship and the Ethel Winokoor $500. 00 Scholarship.


A five member Scholarship Committee is charged with the responsibilities involved in realizing the scholarship awards. While our primary emphasis is on supporting high school graduates, students who are already in college may apply as well. Applications are available at high school guidance offices in the Greater Fall River area as well as here, on the LTFR website. Awards are presented at our Annual Meeting in June. For more information, please contact the Scholarship Chairperson, Peggy Deston, at:


LTFR invites qualified students to apply for their annual scholarship awards. Applicants must meet the criteria and fulfill the identified requirements to be eligible.


The submission deadline for our 2016 Scholarships is May 23, 2016.


There are 4 Scholarships to be awarded this year:


The Little Theatre Perform Arts Scholarship;


The LTFR/REX Performing Arts Scholarship;


The Jimmy Tavares Memorial Scholarship; and

The Ethel Winokoor Scholarship


Download the Scholarship Eligibility Criteria & Instructions


Download the 2016 LTFR Scholarship Application


Thank you to everyone who has generously supported the Little Theatre Scholarship Fund and those who donated most recently with their Membership and/or Subscription Renewals.

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